The importance of having a private labelled product range.

With owned brands you depend less on the middle man selling force. And it is not necessary to increase the selling prices to offset the higher costs of selling not owned branded merchandise.  

Also, with a private labelled merchandise, you are really owner of your brand, every decision is up to you, and you have the maximum control over your brand’s design, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and a 100% control even over the supply chains.

We could be your best and reliable partner with a good batch capability, quick production times, flexible production plans, very wide production range, with a  360° portfolio, and a transparent services policy.


Our long-lasting experience can grant you a very high stability of the supply of the personalized products, and most important of their quality. We are your most reliable partner!

Experts' assistance and confidentiality

Helped by our team of expert salesguys, technicians, engineers and designers, you can find the best products to be personalized in your private labelled abrasives and boxes.
We can also personalize: sizes and formats, diameters, backing types, holes patterns, pre-cut perforations, box construction and design, adhesive labels, etc.
Everything of the above will be done completely in-house.


In the last years in a row our product range continuously increased by adding the best products to help our customers to be the best choice for their customers too. The happier the customers of our customers are, the happier our customers. This is the secret of our continuous growth. You can grow with us!

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